About us


About us

We know that windows and doors are a special component of the look and atmosphere of any home.

The right choice of these elements, both in terms of: type of material, quality, aesthetics of manufacture and price, will create the character of your investment for decades.

We understand how important these decisions are and how vital they are to the entire building project.

Działamy na rynku budowlanym, w sektorze stolarki okiennej i drzwiowej.
Nasi Klienci to odbiorcy hurtowi (deweloperzy) oraz Klienci indywidualni w krajach UE i poza UE. Zdobyliśmy solidne doświadczenie głównie dzięki rozumieniu potrzeb Klientów.
We do not know the word “problem” – we give ” top quality solutions”.

We provide customers with solutions that simply make their lives easier – throughout the entire process from order to delivery.


Why us?


  • We offer the highest quality windows and doors
  • All types: wooden, aluminum and uPVC
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • We specialize in energy-efficient installation techniques.
  • We provide the highest quality in thermal and acoustic insulation, appearance, durability and safety


  • We guarantee that our prices will satisfy even the most demanding customer
  • Technology and materials are dedicated to the climate of any country, from the hot south to the cold north
  • The quality of our windows and doors are recommended by conservators, architects and building inspectors

Comprehensive approach to the project

  • We analyze the project and needs
  • We select technology and material – “tailor-made”
  • We guarantee the most favorable budget
  • We prepare the most advantageous solutions for logistics and installation
  • We carry out warranty and operational services