Aluminum doors

Aluminum systems allow the construction of many different types of doors depending on the range of use and specific requirements for:

  • functionality
  • esthetics
  • thermal insulation
  • burglar resistance
  • smoke tightness
  • fire resistance

These include aluminum structures without thermal insulation, used to build interior partitions and doors, as well as solutions based on thermally insulated profiles.

A significant part of the thermally insulated systems are available in the “HI” version, characterized by special inserts in the sections, lowering the coefficient of thermal conductivity.

An interesting proposal in the field of door systems are aluminum panel doors, available in systems with the highest thermal insulation.

Based on the systems, it is also possible to make burglar-proof constructions in RC1 to RC4 classes.

The range of door systems also includes specialized fire and smoke barriers, automatic sliding doors with fire resistance in classes EI15 to EI30, and a system in classes EI120 and EI160. This group is supplemented by smoke-proof doors without fire resistance.

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